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your strategic competitive environment!
Enable knowledge based  decision making through disciplined planning!
Improve execution
with disciplined
testing, refinement
and rehearsal!
Reinforce and invest in your company's continued success!
Click icons for detailed summaries of each product
Click icons for detailed summaries of each product
We are a full-service, strategic-level business consultancy and we are unlike any other consulting firm that you have ever dealt with before.  

OUR MISSION is to increase our clients' COMPETITIVENESS by amplifying their

We are predominantly teamed by professionals from the most seasoned
and senior ranks of the Profession of Arms who have since moved on to
the commercial sector.

We invite you to examine our unique character and what we bring to the
private sector; your business environment; your CORPORATE BATTLEFIELD. 
Discover “who we are” and more importantly, “who we aren’t”.

We all are proven strategic planning experts in adversarial and hostile
environments and we believe that the business world is just another
manifestation of an adversarial environment..... or, at least a
very competitive one.  

We aim to bring those same proven military planning methodologies
into the private sector by providing you an impressive arsenal
of expertise, unique products and seasoned practitioners who
have honed their art over the last three decades and more. 

We bring with us a series of battle-proven and unique military
strategic products that we have customized for the private sector
to ensure a competitive advantage on your Corporate Battlefield. 

We invite you to examine our products, each of which is a
commercialized version of a successful existing military planning product
that has few peers in the business world.
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