Competitive Benchmarking

"Individually, people are great at telling you “what they do”.  Collectively, people are poor at telling you “what they do”, actually does" - at least from a strategically competitive perspective."
     In comparison to the aforementioned IPCB product listed in our Strategic Competitive Analysis & Targeting page, the Competitive Benchmarking Survey (CBS) is more a simplified decsion support product in terms of construct (only 3 domains and 16 attributes) in order to facilitate answers by a wider audience beyond C-Suite.  All leaders and managers in your enterprise, regardless of stripe or position, should be able to answer the questions in each of the attributes. 
     The comparative analysis is formulated in the same manner as the IPCB  and is an excellent “mechanism of voice” for your enterprise and “exercise of discovery” for your leadership by giving you instantaneous feedback on the collective corporate opinion of your competitive potential and vulnerabilities. The large survey sample size also gives you significant potential in categorizing the responses to facilitate further strategic planning, or to further refine your intelligence gathering requirements.
Both the IPCB and the CBS give you specific insights into your strategic elements of corporate power and influence.  By themselves, each can be a standalone product that can seriously increase the effectiveness of your strategic and operational planning processes.  Used together, they become an incredibly advantageous planning support tool.  Where they agree with each other is fundamental to determining your centres of gravity and critical success factors.  Where they disagree with each other is of equal strategic importance as they are indicators of “unity of thought purpose and action” throughout the enterprise and where your “speed bumps” in strategic execution may lie.
     As the name implies, our Competitive Benchmarking Survey (CBS) is completed as an online survey and respondents can complete both the “Blue” and “Red” surveys in a couple of hours and there is no limit to the number of respondents you can have.  Furthermore, the survey is very specific in determining what is fact and what is opinion (both of which, sadly, affect higher decision making - so, they must be accounted for).  You also have the ability to delineate and compare responses from particular sectors of your enterprise, or from different levels of management and leadership.
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