We believe that consultants should deliver self help through
disciplined capacity building, proven processes and unique product - not merely a list of recommendations based on the fashionable managerial theories of the day.

We have led executive leadership consultancy and strategic planning capacity building portfolios at Head of State, Ministerial, Ambassadorial, CEO and Senior Executive levels in Canada and around the world.

.... and our consultancy and instructional styles are anything, but stale.

Our Unique Character

So, who are we?

Our partners and associates are all “long-in-the-tooth” veterans of many Military, Commercial, Government and/or Academic campaigns.

We have served in many guises and have led groups from small national-level strategic planning teams to major military task forces and private sector companies numbering in the thousands.
So, who aren't we?

We don’t sell “flavour of the day” management, or leadership.

We don’t sell project management, or portfolio management as strategy.

We don’t sell Gantt charts as campaign plans.

We don’t sell software as a panacea to all your strategic woes.

We don’t use change management or strategic transformation as events requiring the sale of special leadership, planning processes, champions, or methodology.  Rather, we see change as a normative process and all forms of strategic level planning are inevitably all about enabling change.

We have worked across the Globe in a diverse spectrum of private sector, public sector, NGO, IGO and military capacities, for CEO, Head of State, Head of Mission clients, in a wide range of business sectors including: security, intelligence, defence, management, manufacturing, trade, agriculture, media, nation building, justice, education, water & power, energy, transportation, financial, environmental, rule of law, reconstruction, ……  In short:  Strategy is Strategy…. regardless of context.

We have managed both commercial portfolios and governmental programmes in complex adaptive environments ranging from millions to billions of dollars.

We believe that business is an adversarial environment and that business strategies and planning methodologies must be aggressively attuned to that environment.  In our previous professions, there was no prize for second place.

We believe that the “Three C’s of Strategic Coherence” are  communicate, Communicate, COMMUNICATE.

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