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We are always on the lookout for new Associates as
Red Teamers, White Teamers, or Blue Team
Mentors who are available for call-up on a mission by
mission basis. 

If you think you fit our character, meet any of the
basic prerequisites below and can be positively
referenced by an existing SRTC member, then you
are invited to contact us in order to explore the
possibilities and nature of your association with

Please note that we allow Associates to have
partnerships and employment outside the confines
of SRTC as long as they are not in conflict with
SRTC’s activities, or those of our clients.

We are always on the lookout for the following:
Experienced Military Senior Officers with a proven and balanced record of successful command and staff appointments at strategic, operational and tactical levels. 

Commanders of a deployed Task Force and/or multi-disciplinary Mission Chiefs of Staff are highly desirable (all nations, all services - all MOCs).   Considerable attention will be given to those with strategic level nation building / leadership capacity building / HON mentoring portfolios.

National level Director Generals, Directors and Deputy Directors in a strategic level Defence, Security or Intelligence portfolio.

Strategic and operational level J-Staffs and unique Joint SMEs (any and all disciplines from J1 to J infinity) will be considered on a mission by mission basis.  In all cases, potential associates must be master practitioners of Campaign Planning, OPART, SPP, OPP, JOPP, iCASA, or JATM.

Experience in national-level project management / experienced strategic level PMP / major PMO delivery.

Experienced CWOs with a proven leadership track record as a Branch Chief, Task Force RSM, or CWO’s with an extensive Force Development background.

Civilian experts in operational art with a professional association in a national-level Defence, Security and/or Intelligence portfolio.

Business professionals and leaders from any discipline, or commercial enterprise who have a flair for adaptive mentoring, interactive role-playing, wargaming and red teaming.

A professional education at the graduate level or better, CFC (or foreign equivalent), or equivalent proven OPP/SPP skill sets with at least 20 years experience.

Experienced Blue Team mentors who are a “Type A” wrapped in a “Type B” veneer.

Experienced Red Teamers who do not know the meaning of “Type B”.

Experienced White Teamers who can play Type A or B on demand.

......... and most importantly; gregarious, fun, knowledgeable, professional and inspirational men and women who will lead with “passion, style and élan” towards mission success and client satisfaction.
........ if you think you can meet this challenge, I’d be happy to talk with you.


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