Our capstone product is the STRATEGIC RED TEAM EXERCISE and it shares similar objectives with our Business Wargaming Exercise.  Both are disciplined, real-time, action-reaction, role-playing disciplines that pit your real-life Blue Team decision-makers managers against real-time Red Team adversaries.   Both are outstanding risk mitigation exercises, fantastic confidence builders, exercises of discovery for leadership, mechanisms of voice for your teams, and instruments of real-time organizational learning for all.

The STRATEGIC RED TEAM EXERCISE is also executed in the exact same way as our Wargaming Exercise detailed in the previous page, with one small exception......... 

Each Red Teamer is a company outsider that has no personal stake or interest in your company.   They are a group of subject matter experts customized to your company’s wargaming needs and their mission is to engage your company’s plans with FULL COMPETITIVE ADVERSARIAL INTENT.  They are not coloured by any internal assumptions about your company, or any prejudices / stereotypes your team may harbour about your real-life competitors.   Using only realistic information, analyses and intelligence about your competition, their primary role is to fully defeat your plan through coordinated action designed to SUPPRESS YOUR STRENGTHS and NEUTRALIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES.   Similarly, they will target any apparent weaknesses and leverage all threat avenues -  if at any time the Blue Team displays it’s jugular, the Red Team will immediately grow fangs.

Business Red Teaming

"In military Wargaming, it was never a good idea to have your own Intelligence Staff play the role of the enemy.  There were too many self-fulfilling prophesies and the opposing forces were either portrayed as being vastly superior in capability, or a bunch of bumbling wimps.  The only truism in any of the scenarios was that the enemy always outnumbered us.  Beyond that, they had a similar spectrum of strengths and weaknesses as we did and the challenge always remained of how to use those qualities to our tactical, operational and strategic advantage.

In the private sector, the challenge in sizing up the opposition on your Corporate Battlefield is no different.   So, who is playing the role of your competition?  Who are your bad guys?  Are they ten feet tall, or just merely bigger than you, but not necessarily better?  What self-fulfilling prophecies are colouring your plan and your decisions?  Conversely, what dangerous assumptions have been colouring the execution of your plan?"
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In essence, this is a test of your plan against your worst case competitor or competitive scenario. 

As an investment by your company, it is an outstanding risk mitigation exercise, dress rehearsal and confidence builder all rolled into one activity.  The details and conduct of each exercise are unique to the client's and problem set and we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

This is also our costliest product in terms of time, money and effort - for both SRTC and the client.  Therefore, we do not recommend this as an entry-level product.  However, if you are about to execute a strategy costing millions to billions of dollars, our STRATEGIC RED TEAM EXERCISE buys a level of confidence that is truly priceless.

SRTC also has customized Red Team Workshops already built for exploring unique challenges such as Change Management, Cultural Resistance to Change, Institutional Inertia, Corporate Unity, Commercial Intelligence, Corporate Counter-Espionage, Physical Security, Information Security, Brand Protection, etc.  Feel free to contact us for further information.

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As with Wargaming Exercises, Red Teaming is extremely flexible in terms of time, effort and participation.   These can be simple one day exercises to a multi-day event that covers a complete plan or spectrum of events from your competitive business enterprise.  You can have a series of one day events (one per competitor) or a multi-day exercise that pits you against your entire competitive environment.  In short, we design each Red Team Exercise to be uniquely scaled and customized to your company's strategic decision support needs. For futher amplification, there are PowerPoint slide packages available on our Media site.

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