Our single most important piece of advice follows:  “If you already have a planning process, everybody in your enterprise understands it, everybody uses it in an equitable fashion  and everybody executes your plans with unity of thought, purpose and action....... then do not change your planning processes, or leadership practices.”  If what you have works then stay with it.  This may seem like a trite statement but we have noticed a trend in private sector with regards to a lack of discipline and consistency in planning processes.  There are many flavours of the day and companies are constantly bombarded with supposedly new methods and processes that will increase their efficiency and effectiveness.  They also all have cute pet names and marketing gimmicks.  Beware the fashionable and fickle planning methodologies “du jour”, or those that sell project management as strategic planning, Gantt charts as campaign plans, or software suites in the place of disciplined planning methodology.

REINFORCE!  DON’T RE-INVENT! If you have a planning process that you trust, and that is consistent with your corporate culture and commercial environment then stick with it and reinforce it.  Any strategic planning methodology you use should meet 7 basic criteria...
          - it should be integrated,
          - it should be comprehensive,
          - it should be adaptive,
          - it should be networked,
          - it has to promote unity of purpose and action,
          - it must promote knowledge-based decision making throughout the enterprise. .... and most imprtantly
          - it has to able to be easily communicated by leadership to the widest  possible audience!

Strategy doesn't exist as a sole entity. It is a simple and conherent expression of leadership’s higher intent and the ways and means of getting there....
and as detailed in the slide show below, the best way to communicate it, is in a single picture:

Strategic Planning Services

"If there is one particular area where the private sector performs poorly, it would have to be Mission Analysis.  When I was designing SRTC, I did a random scan of Fortune 500 company mission statements.  I copied them over to a spreadsheet and then had the software scramble them.  In 2 out of every 3 cases I couldn’t tell what the company did, or its desired strategic end state."
We provide a full suite of customized Strategic Planning Support and client-oriented capacity building from Mission Analysis through to Execution and After Action Review.  We don’t advocate anything new here; Operational Art; Mission Analysis; Campaign Design; Campaign Planning; Operational Planning Processes; et al.  Why are we rather “old school” about this?  Simple - it works and it has stood the test of both time and battle.   These hallamrks of strategy & leadership are also proven to be integrated, comprehensive, adaptive, networked and their ultimate purpose is to ensure knowledge-based decision making.

We invite you to ask us about our full suite of strategic planning services that can be delivered as singular products, or a comprehensive suite of support, that includes any or all of the following services:

CEO Initiation & Corporate Planning Guidance

Strategic, Operational and Tactical Level Mission Analysis

Course of Action & Sceanrio Development

Course of Action Analysis and Wargaming

Plan Development & Refinement

C-Suite Decision Support

Execution Rehearsal Wargaming & Red Teaming

After Action Review & Refinement
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