As mentioned earlier, we have worked across the globe in a diverse spectrum of private sector, public sector, NGO, IGO and military capacities, for CEO, Head of State, Head of Mission clients, in a wide range of business sectors including: security, intelligence, defence, management, manufacturing, trade, agriculture, media, nation building, justice, education, water & power, energy, transportation, financial, environmental, rule of law, construction, reconstruction, etc……… 

.......and regardless of environment, the requirement to constantly invest in the professional development of our people, teams and allies was critical to mission success. 

Whether its individual or collective training to impart skills, or mentoring and coaching to professionally develop individuals and teams, SRTC stands ready to help.  For us, these subjects are not merely "fill-in-the-blanks" issues - rather, they are topics that are fundamental to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.

....... LEAD 
Mission Analysis
Strategic Execution
Knowledge Management
Corporate Culture
Wargaming in the Business Environment
Strategic Transformation
Structural / Oraganizational Design

........ SENSE 
Business Intelligence
Commercial / Market Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Performance Management
Performance Intelligence

........ ACT 
Business Planning
Production Discipline

........ SHIELD 
Risk Management
Physical Asset Security
Business Recovery
Information Security
Workforce Protection
Membership Protection
Talent Pool Protection

........ SUSTAIN 
Sustaining Current Operations
Sustaining Corporate Services
Sustaining Client Base / Client Services: 
Sustaining Market Base

....... GENERATE 
Generating Talent
Generating Innovation
Generating Agility
Generating Organizational Learning

Training, Mentoring & Coaching

"Think of coaching and mentoring as an investment.  It's not a crutch.  It's “capacity building” that delivers a strategic, operational and tactical competitive advantage.
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