Although we provide a wide range of on-site consulative competitive analysis, strategic planning services and facilitated wargaming / red teaming events, we are also great believers in capacity building and "train the trainer".  As such, we provide a wide range of leadership-specific and subject-specific workshops to allow you to build specific capabilities within your own corporate suite of expertise. 

All workshops are available in one, two and three day formats depending on the training requirements of the client. 

All workshop practical exercises are customized to your specific corporate needs and operating environment.

A small sample of the workshops that are available follow:

SRTC Workshops

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Business Wargaming
for Senior Corporate Leadership
Cyber Defence  Wargaming
for Corporate Leadership

Cyber Defence  Wargaming for

Wargaming for Mergers

Wargaming Corporate

Social Media Campaigns

Major Media

Wargaming &
Red Teaming Business Transformation Plans
Wargaming &
Red Teaming Disaster Response Plans
Wargaming &
Red Teaming
New Product Launch
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